Johnno Scholte from the Netherlands had a good year in 2012, he finished 12th overall on the PKRA rankings.  We caught up with Johonno to talk about his winter training, the PKRA in 2013 and his new sponsor Future Kiting

Name: Johnno Scholte
Nationality: Dutch
Sponsors: Future kiting, Prolimit, Different Eye and Invisible Zinc
Where you live: I Live in Spijkenisse



1. How was the king of the Air in Capetown?

The King of the air was sick! A lot of fun, the vibe on the beach between riders was super chilled! Then on the water going big was really fun! Just to go as big as possible!! I always wanted to enter this event but because of red-bull taking it of the map! I never had the chance until this year!!!

2. You signed with Future Kites for 2013, how is that going?

Future kiting is a young and small brand that is based in Czech Republic, they originally started just by only producing boards. After 4 years of producing boards, Future kiting found time to start producing a kite!! In 2013 I will be testing the kites together with my team member Ben Bowd. A good kite for me is where I can dose the power; how much power I want. It has to be stable, besides that the movement of the kite is also very important!

3. Where did you train over the winter and why?

I stayed 3 months in South-Africa, Cape-town to prepare for the new PKRA Season. Because we have wind almost every day and also different conditions every day, the temperature of the air is around 20 degrees so it’s nice and comfortable

4. What was your focus in training, specific moves, style, recovering from injury?

My focus was on getting every trick consistently and make them look good! I have been dealing with some small injuries on my shoulder, knees and ankles, but that is hopefully sorted out for this season.

5. Did you do any cross training, conditioning, surf, snowboard, etc…how does it help your kiting.

I did some surfing and hiking, I do fitness and stretch. It keeps your body fit and it stays flexible that way.

6. What PKRA destinations are you looking forward to in 2013 and why?

I’m looking forward to every tour stop but manly Germany because it is one of the biggest stop on the tour! But I’m also curious to see how the stop in Italy is going to be!!

7. What are your sponsors, any changes on the off season and why? What kites are you riding? How they help your riding, what board, straps or bindings, why?

My sponsors are Future kiting, Prolimit, Different Eye and Invisible Zinc. I switched sponsors from Slingshot to Future kiting because of the quality of there boards and also I’m currently helping with the developing of the boards and kites as well so just to get that change is a big deal for me!
I switched also from straps to bindings which is a big difference so I have bin training on the bindings to get comfortable with them.

8. Which rider do you think will make an entry into the top 10(if you why).

I had my eye on the top 10 last year but unfortunately I didn’t make it I got 12th overall. Pity, everybody in the top 15 can get top 10 because we are all so close together with our riding. I think just the consistency is going to be very important for every rider that will make the difference.

9. What moves/style/execution/power will be the biggest factor for you in 2013 in winning your heats?

Style and Execution, I also will try to go as big as I can and entertain the crowed.

10. Why do you come on the PKRA?

I come to the Pkra because I want to measure myself with al the other pro riders. Only the best of the best compete on the PKRA tour.

11. are you thinking of doing any crossover into Slalom, to do both disciplines at the events?

No I’m not thinking of switching to any other discipline, I like Wave riding but I only do that on the fun sessions. Competing wise NO!!

12. What are your personal goals for 2013 in kiting, life and business? How does the PKRA fit in?

My personal goal is to get as far as I can on the PKRA Ranking. Finish this year of study And try to have the most fun I can have!

13. What is the kite magazine of your Native country and favorite website for kiting news?

For Netherlands we have 2 big ones those are Acces magazine, Kitesurf magazine. The Website for kiting news is


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