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Ralph Boelen

Nationality : France  

Date of Birth : Jun-05-1992

Nickname :

Years Kiteboarding : 13 years

Website :

Twitter :

Facebook :

Kite Sponsor : North Kiteboarding

Favorite Kite : Neo

Favorite Board : Pro Series

Other Sponsors : Ferme St Siméon

Favorite Spot : Vasouy

Favorite Move : Front strapless


Having just started to compete, I will have only one result to transmit, the KSP 2013 which was actually placed in a single step on Maui. Following is what I can tell about my experience :
I started kiting at the age of 10 years on the beach below my house in Normandy.
It is not Siouville but the estuary near Honfleur, less funny this is true but at least I could go by foot ...
It quickly became a virus into the family, and we went to holidays only to go kiting , we traveled quite a bit but in fact we only know the beaches! : Cape Verde, Egypt, Mauritius , Big Bay in Cap Town , Tarifa , Cabo Frio , Barbados, Martinique , Guadeloupe , Maui, Dakhla, Moulay and finally the Basque coast in the South West of France.
I hope I have not forgotten any !
We already spent a lot of time traveling, so my father couldn't offer me more time for comps ... and then he said that it should remain as a hobby and that I had to go to school ! ...
During my first six years I was pretty old school, my father (again lol) didn't want me to mess up my joints because i was growing up... So I'm not doing too bad on tricks board off  (single / double front / no foot backloop , front 360 board off , flip board , tic-tac w / flip, rodeo air) .
Finally I started to throw some new school tricks, and I am also doing pretty good, I kicked off all the techniques for pop moves for wakestyle, so low tricks for Railey handlepass Slim chance backmobe , frontmobe , KGB , heart attack , with some landing blind.
After that I wanted to ride strapless ... and I have in the pocket the front, back , 360 surfing (+unhooked), the shove -it, big air... 
I'm now 21 years old, and ready to compete and to try my luck :-). 


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Ranking in 2014
Event Name Discipline   Position     Points  
Dakhla Kiteboarding World Cup 2014 Freestyle 33 350
    TOTAL 350
Dakhla Kiteboarding World Cup 2014 Waves 9 485
    TOTAL 485
Past Years
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