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Isabeau Galiart

Nationality : Netherlands  

Date of Birth : May-13-1998

Nickname :

Years Kiteboarding : 5 years

Website :

Twitter :

Facebook :

Kite Sponsor : Slingshot

Favorite Kite : RPM

Favorite Board : Nobile 50fifty

Other Sponsors : Oneill, Embracingsports, Padifood, Nobile

Favorite Spot : Cumbuco Brasil

Favorite Move : kiteloop, S-band and raley to blind

I am 15 years old. 2012 was my first year that I took kitesurfing serious, and my first contact with the PKRA was for me very succesful. Now i know where I have to work on, I have to land my tricks in to the blind and I have to work on the passes. I am going to MYP that is a kind of international school. I would really appreciate if you follow me on facebook Isabeau Galiart, kitesurfing


Ranking in 2014
Event Name Discipline   Position     Points  
No results for this rider
Past Years
Event Name Discipline   Position     Points  
The Beetle Kitesurf World Cup 2013 2013 Freestyle 13 480
The Beetle Kitesurf World Cup 2013 2013 Slalom 9 485
The Beetle Kitesurf World Cup 2012 2012 Freestyle 9 530