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Copa Mundial De Kitesurf Adicora

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Registration Day - Copa Mundial de Kitesurf Adicora



After days of anticipation felt throughout the small town of Adicora, located on the Northwestern peninsula of Venezuela, PKRA competitors arrived to registration with many welcomes and plenty of wind – two trends that have proven to be standard for the region. While some riders decided to familiarize themselves with the spot several days before registration day, others appeared just in time to receive their lycras, greet other competitors, and check out the conditions prior to the first official day of the event. 

From the 13th of June through the 17th, 31 male and 8 women freestyle riders in addition to 12 male racers will battle it out in this lesser known mecca of Caribbean kitesurfing for $47,000 in prize money and the championship title. Currently, Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya retain the top ranking in men’s and women’s freestyle, while Bryan Lake holds first for the men in racing. While these competitors will surely put forth their greatest efforts to hold on to a first place title, other highly placed competitors including Youri Zoon, Gisela Pulido, and Riccardo Leccese will, without a doubt, remain motivated to break through to the top. For certain, the prime conditions in this “wind machine” of a destination will provide the most ideal location for freestyle and racing action at its very best.

Prior to this day, the town has been abuzz with major improvements and beach cleanups, as well as construction of the judging platform and rider’s tent. Upon seeing this transformation, everyone was able to appreciate the hard work that has gone into making this event possible in one of the windiest and most perfect kiting locations in South America.

Today, the beach remained full, with spectators and interested onlookers impressed with the warm-up sessions. In fact, many kiting fans and competitors traveled from nearby Columbia and Brazil, thrilled to be a part of this first-time event. Well known is the immense talent that many of these South American riders posses, who will certainly make this tour stop one of the most unique and fun events of the season. 

Also of note, the PKRA has equipped itself with new gear and the best possible Internet connection that such a rural connection will allow. As such, the live stream broadcast will reach out to viewers across the globe, offering a close up look at the action along with rider interviews and commentary. The link to the live broadcast can be found here:

Fans and followers can also connect with the tour and the latest updates through Facebook and Twitter. Posted questions and comments may even be addressed live on air throughout the coming days.