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Day 2 - Waiting for Wind in France


The second day of the 2012 Gold Games provided no more wind than the day prior, forcing riders to conjure up alternative ways to spend the day. As competitors remained on wind hold throughout the morning and afternoon, many enjoyed the warm beach, caught up with old friends, or spent time tuning gear and adjusting bars and lines. With a comfortable grassy area to spend their downtime, some riders even pulled out some badminton, while others took advantage of the cool calm water – wakeboarding or swimming for a little entertainment and amusement. 

eudazio madson france

Coming up in the following days, the Gold Games will also put on motocross and skate competitions. Regardless of what the wind allows, these other aspects of the Gold Games will surely provide ample entertainment and excitement for everyone who has made the journey to Hyeres, France.  

dave france

Event sponsors Red Bull and NRG also represented themselves well on the beach, despite the unfavorable conditions, as they displayed flags, tents, and an encouraging presence at the event site. The city of Hyeres has also shown itself to be a welcoming destination for kite competitors. Numerous racers and freestyle riders took note of the friendly atmosphere, hospitable attitude, and overall pleasant ambience of this scenic city. 

The forecast for the area has changed often over the past week, which has made planning difficult in such light conditions. Still, anticipation and expectations remain high, with light yet suitable conditions expected for the remainder of the week and through the weekend.

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