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Susi Mai attends the Hua Hin Kiteboard World Cup Press Conference


The beautiful and talented Susi Mai represented the PKRA at the Hua Hin Kiteboarding World Cup Press Conference held in Thailand last week. She made a great first impression about the sport of kiteboarding and the PKRA to the local authorities. Susi had many good things to say about the event in Thailand, and she mention that local support for the event is overwhelming.

Below is what the local organizer had to say about Susi:

Susi Mai is amazing! She was at our press conference last week and impressed everybody She is smart, funny, friendly, adventurous and even more beautiful than her pictures! There were about 130 members of the press, sponsors and politicians at the conference, it was a tremendous success. The press event and the fact that we had 20+ knot winds in Hua Hin this week has got everybody very excited for next month!

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