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Eudazio Da Silva ready for 2013


Eudazio is one of the most talented Brazilian riders in the world, he came on tour last year and turned some heads at the first event finishing in 3rd place.  The next events were in cold European conditions that are hard to adapt to when you have been kiting the lagoons of Northern Brazil for the past few years.  He has shown great promise and could be a title contender for 2013.  Nobile is really helping him with the gear, travelling and the coaching.  Learning to compete takes time, if he gets comfortable with a 5/3 and 12 degree water, he could upset some top level riders.  Let’s see if he can repeat his 3rd or better in Dakhla in just a few weeks.
Here is how Eudazio is preparing his upcoming PKRA season and how you can learn more about him.


Interview Questions:
Name:  Eudazio Bezerra da Silva
Nationality: Brazilian
Sponsors: Pena, Nobile and Prolimit
Where you live: Cumbuco,Brazil
Facebook:  Eudazio Da Silva
Instagram: eudaziodasilva

eudazio loop
1. Where did you train over the winter and why?

I train in Cumbuco and the Cauipe Lagoon, because here we have the best wind in the world and the best water conditions for freestyle.

2. What was your focus in training, specific moves, style, recovering from injury?

My focus in training is for the PKRA tour and developing a style different then all the PKRA riders.  I am currently injured so I have to rest.

3. Did you do any cross training, conditioning, surf, snowboard, etc…how does it help your kiting.
When we don’t have wind, I will surf, this is good because I don’t stop and it keeps me in shape.

4. What PKRA destinations are you looking forward to in 2013 and why?

I want to compete at all the stops, because I want to win the PKRA World Title 2013

5. What are your sponsors, any changes on the off season and why? What kites are you riding? How they help your riding, what board, straps or bindings, why?

My kite sponsor is Nobile, I love the kites and I can do all the tricks with the Nobile equipment.

6. Which rider do you think will make an entry into the top 10(if you why).

I, because I am train hard with some good tricks like Youri Zoon, I think I will have a good year.

7. What moves/style/execution/power will be the biggest factor for you in 2013 in winning your heats?
Tricks with the kite low, good execution and power; the judges like this.

8. Why do you come on the PKRA?

Because I want be the best in the world.

9. Are you thinking of doing any crossover into Slalom, to do both disciplines at the events?
No, I will compete just freestyle.

10. What are your personal goals for 2013 in kiting, life and business? How does the PKRA fit in?

I just compete in the ceara, brazilian and the PKRA World Tour.

11. What is the kite magazine of your Native country and favorite website for kiting news?
KiteMag, my favorite website is gokiteboarding from brazil.

12. Can you talk more about traveling away from Brazil?

I live in Brazil, and here i can kite every day, a lot of wind and sun. I dont need travel to others places for training.

13. kiting in Europe with a wetsuit? Different locations?

Yes, it is so hard for me to compete with a wetsuit, because in Brazil I never use a wetsuit and when i travel to Europe I need to use one.

14.  how important it is to have a good sponsor to help you with gear, training, coaching, money, etc?...

Having a sponsor is the most important factor for a good athlete, because the sponsor give you equipment, money for travelling; if you don’t have a sponsor it is impossible to compete the PKRA in Europe and others places of the world

15. How is riding in competition different from free riding? What do you think of the PKRA competition format?

Free riding you can try all the tricks before you do them in competition, you can crash every time without a problems.   riding in competition is so hard because you need do just the trick that you know perfect, if you try another tricks you kite can crash and you will lose a lot of time, the PKRA format is better now, because I can train do do good heats and win.

Talk more about your injuries?

Now I have an injury on my knee, but I can go to the gym to prepare for the competitions.

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