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Airstyle World Championship in Germany



Recently approved by the IKA, the PKRA proudly announces the unveiling of a second World Championship discipline – Airstyle – for the event in Germany at the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter Ording. 

This exciting new discipline will include old school hooked-in tricks such as board-offs, one-footers, and big airs. These maneuvers, which remain noticeably missing from the standard freestyle competitions, will enjoy a resurgence with the addition of this discipline, allowing riders the chance to compete at the World Championship level. 

Overall impression judging will be implemented to determine winners of the Airstyle competition, which will take into account originality and hang time, as well as imagination.  Providing judges and onlookers with the biggest and most exciting show possible, the Beetle Kitesurf World Cup will certainly deliver the ultimate venue for the unveiling of this action packed discipline, leaving spectators and even online viewers in awe. 

This year will mark the 7th consecutive visit by the PKRA to St. Peter Ording for the world cup event, which promises to attract one of the largest audiences the 2012 PKRA tour has yet seen. In 2011, the event attracted riders from 22 countries, fighting for the world title and a piece of the 52,000 €. This year, this number is likely to increase with the additional discipline and another 52,000 € in prize money.

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