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PKRA Racing in Mexico Just Around the Corner



Following the amazing and well received Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, tour stop of 2011, the PKRA returns again for the MINI Kiteboard World Tour – set to take place on April 19th through the 22nd. 

Competitors and spectators alike can look forward to the many riches of the region, which include its classic warm turquoise waters and the friendly, spirited culture of the Mexican people. Additionally, the area remains well recognized for its consistent winds and seemingly endless party atmosphere. 

Here, the best racers will battle it out for a podium finish at the first PKRA racing event of the year. On the line will be $10,000 in prize money, coupled with the top rankings to start this racing season.  In addition, the competitors will gain access to a great slalom course with four identical boards for the ultimate in racing fun.

To add to the excitement at Playa Del Carmen, the PKRA will also host an exclusive freestyle exhibition, featuring top riders, Alberto Rondina and Sebastian Garat. Executing the most advanced maneuvers and inspiring tricks, spectators will surely be amazed by the on-water action.  

Furthermore, this highly anticipated event will coincide with the Mayan Calendar’s most well-known phenomenon, which predicts for transformative happenings at the end of the calendar year. Perhaps, the kiteboarding action witnessed at the MINI Kiteboard World Tour will be exactly what the Mayan Calendar planned for. 

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