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Tenerife Kite Masters 2011 Registration


Kitesurfers from all over the world arrived at the beautiful beach of El Medano to compete for the Tenerife Kite Masters title here in the Canary Islands. Morocco, Norway, France, Venezuela, Holland, Dominican Republic and Italy, are just a few of the countries being represented in this week of competition.

Race Director Olaf Van Tol (NED) really enjoyed the good vibes on the beach today as the sponsor of the event Reina Cervezas brought some beautiful girls to welcome all the riders for registration. 

The big news of this event is the come back of Kevin Langeree (NED, Naish), 2009 World Champion, who broke his ACL last year in Fuerteventura whilst competing in the PKRA event. He was leading the tour at the time and had to stop kiting for 8 months to get through his rehabilitation process. After surgery and months of training at the gym, he slowly made a come back on the water and he is now more motivated than ever to get back on tour, “I’m coming here completely unstressed, just to see where I stand on the tour and compete with my friends. I haven’t set any goals yet, this year is a slow process to ease me back into the tour and I will then focus on next year to fight for the title”.

Current PKRA tour leader Youri Zoon (NED, Slingshot), is happy to see Kevin back and can understand the trouble his friend is going through, “I had the same injury on my ACL and it took me a full year to be 100 per cent back on top form. Not only physically but psychologically, it’s hard on the mind to know that your body is a little bit more fragile than it used to be. Kevin is very strong mentally so I’m sure that he will be back to his best soon. The next PKRA tour stop in Germany will be his big come back. We’re here to have as much fun as possible, no stress, this is going to be a great competition showing a little bit of all the different styles of kiteboarding: high jumps and new school tricks.”

Head Judge Sami Gali (ESP) explained in more details what the Kite Masters judges will be looking for during this event. “This event has a special format, we’ll be taking the four best jumps into consideration and one of them has to be an old school trick, that means a board off for the men and a one foot for the girls. Depending on the conditions we’ll decide what gives the most points, height or technicality of the trick. If the wind is strong we’ll expect height if it’s lighter, the riders will have to be more technical and concentrate on the execution.”

The heats will be 7 min long and all the riders will have to face each other at least once during the event, this system is called “round robin”. In the end only 4 men and 2 women will be qualified for the final heats from which we will decide the winner of the event.

Some of the best riders in the world have come to Tenerife for this event, apart from Youri Zoon (NED, Slingshot) and Kevin Langeree (NED, Naish) mentioned above, we’re happy to have Alberto Rondina (ITA, Cabrinha) from Italy, 3rd Overall on the PKRA who remembered last year’s conditions here as being epic with nice kickers and strong winds. The French team composed of Garat (FRA, RRD), Hebert (FRA, North) and Daubos (FRA, Naish) are just as motivated out of the water as they are in it. Ariel Corniel (DOM, Ozone) is expected to be very good in these conditions as well as Alvaro Onieva (ESP, Slingshot) one of the most famous Spanish riders who has been competing on the tour for years and has seen kiting evolve from the old school high jumps to the new technical maneuvers.

All riders are excited to partake in the Kite Masters, since it doesn’t count for the overall ranking of the PKRA season it will be less stressful for them. This means that it will be all about having fun and showing all the different aspects of kiteboarding to the public. We will be seeing the very best the sport can offer this week, everything from high jumps to wakestyle tricks which are lower but with very technical execution. 

The event will start tomorrow at 10am local time, the weather forecast is predicting that winds will increase throughout the week which should bring some exciting action for the public of El Medano.

This will be a nice, relaxed competition and the PKRA would like to thank the sponsors of this event for all their support: Ayuntamiento Granadilla de Abona, Cerveza Reina, Ron Santa Cruz, Sheraton La Caleta, Hotel Arenas del Mar, Hotel Carel and Coca-Cola.