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Six weeks to go for the Fuerteventura Grand Slam


In 6 weeks the 10th Anniversary of the PKRA Fueteventura Grand Slam, showcasing freestyle will take place in the beautiful lagoon of Sotavento.  For ten consecutive years the best riders from around the world have been competing against each other in extreme riding conditions, the spot of Sotavento being famous for its intense winds.  This year the battle will be for 37,000 euros in prize money.

René Egli is also proud to announce the 26th annual Fuerteventura World Cup, the event which includes two weeks of windsurfing and kite surfing competition.

Last year’s Fuerteventura event is best known for Kevin Langeree’s knee injury which allowed Andy Yates to take, not only the lead of the tour from him, but the world title as well.
But things have changed this year and another rider has taken back the lead for the Dutch. Youri Zoon is currently leading the tour and with wins in every single event to date everyone is eager to see if he will hold on to this lead to win the title.