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Schedule Change to the 2011 PKRA Calendar


The next event on the 2011 PKRA World Tour will be the "2011 Fuerteventura World Cup", which will be celebrating 10 years of PKRA kiteboarding world cup history.

Over the last 10 years Rene Egli and his team, have been pioneering kiteboarding competitions and as a result have developed an extremely successful event in Sotavento, Fuerteventura.  This location is well known by the pro’s as one of the most challenging events of the year due to its extremely strong winds.  

Fuerteventura becomes the next event on the calendar due to the cancelations of both Cabarete and Essaouira events who continue to suffer setbacks due to the global economic crisis.  We believe and look forward to the events returning to the tour schedule next year.

As a possible replacements for these event cancelations, the PKRA is in discussions with Venezuela and Argentina.  These two events would probably be added during October and November later this year.  A final update will be announced by July 31st.


Fuerteventura World Cup Past Champions:

2010: Andy Yates - Australia
2009: Aaron Hadlow  - UK
2008: Aaron Hadlow  - UK
2007: Kevin Langeree - Netherlands
2006: Youri Zoon  -  Netherlands
2005: Aaron Hadlow - UK
2004: Martin Vari  - Argentina
2003: Martin Vari  - Argentina
2002: Mark Shinn  - UK

2010: Bruna Kajiya - Brazil
2009: Bruna Kajiya - Brazil
2008: Gisela Pulido - Spain
2007: Gisela Pulido - Spain
2006: Gisela Pulido - Spain
2005: Ania Grzelinska - Poland
2004: Kristin Boese  - Germany
2003: Cindy Mosey  - New Zealand
2002: Cindy Mosey  - New Zealand