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Trend setting number of late registrants


There were an abundant amount of late registrants that rushed their way to the registration line this morning for the last chance to sign up for the 2011 Hua Hin Kiteboarding Qualifier competition.

Riders were eager to receive their lycras and racing numbers in hopes of getting out on the water today for the kick-off of the qualifier event.

The sun was shinning in full force, the temperature was scorching hot but the wind was a little on the light side today. It began to pick up in strength in the late afternoon even though the forecast was predicting no wind at all. Riders eagerly waited on the beach this afternoon in hopes of getting out on the water for some course racing action.

A few of the PKRA World Tour competition riders such as Alvaro Oneiva, Tom Hebert, Andy Yates and Mario Rodwald were lingering about the beach today scoping out the competition area.

The PKRA World Tour will begin on Sunday, March 13th with registration followed by the kick-off of the 2011 PKRA World Tour season on Monday, March 14th.

The wind forecast for the next few days predicts rather light wind however will improve as the week progresses.

Tomorrow’s mandatory skippers meeting for all competitors is set for 12:00pm.