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About the PKRA



The PKRA, also known as the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association, a non profit organization, is considered the most prestigious World Kiteboarding Tour to date. World renown for the past 10 years, it is continually endorsed by professional riders, industry experts and fans alike, who hold it in the highest esteem. Directed by the finest highly qualified professionals in the kiteboarding industry, the PKRA hosts a list of top kiteboarding disciplines all around the world where only the most preeminent athletes partake.

There are three main disciplines that intrigue international riders from around the globe to battle it out in a man versus man competition, such as the Freestyle discipline. Freestyle is often regarded as the crown jewel of all disciplines, which is judged upon an Overall Impression based on technical difficulty, power, risk factor, variety, height, smoothness, style and innovation.

The Wave discipline competitors go head to head in selected wave venues. Riders are judged on the fundamental principals of speed, fluidity and proximity to the critical section combined with a selection of backside and frontside riding with "off the lip style maneuvers", which makes for the most impressive, intense and radical action.

The Course Racing category is for the experienced, tactical and high-speed enthusiast. Board speed combined with tactical understanding as well as a good knowledge of the racing rules will determine the winner of this discipline.

Top named international kiteboarding athletes of humankind such as five time Freestyle PKRA World champion Aaron Hadlow, two time freestyle PKRA World Champion and first PKRA Wave contest winner Martin Vari, Gisela Pulido a three time PKRA Freestyle and one time Wave World Champion, Guilly Brandao 2010 PKRA Wave World champion, Bruno Sroka PKRA Course Racing Champion and the first kiteboarder to sail across the mystical Cape Horn, Kevin Langeree, Bruna Kajiya as well as Ruben Lenten are just a few famous names amongst the many that have made their debut and rise to stardom from the PKRA.

Over the last 13 years, the PKRA has produced 120 events with the highest possible standards setting the benchmark for other events. It has awarded over 3.5 million dollars in prize money to the riders, and has serve as the launching platform for professional riders to start their careers. The PKRA has also changed the lives of athletes living in developing countries. Through sponsorship many are now living their dream traveling around the globe on the PKRA World Tour.


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